Earth and Space
Responsible, WELL ORGANISED Datanomic Zones around the world.

We are the united datanomic zones of the Cloud Nation.


During online and offline meetings, selected Representatives playfully explore wonderful and helpful methodologies, technologies and materials together to grow more and more collaboration together as one in order to improve the wellbeing of the planet and the people.

Services that fullfil a high standard of quality for the people are referred to as G2C.​

G2C Services grow cross-industry values for the people to create more value overall.

What this means is that once a problem is identified (for example Corona), distinguished services are selected to solve this problem.

In the case of Corona, such services include corona-tests, facemasks, special balloons that clean surfaces with modified light and early-recognition-systems that can enable businesses to open again despite of Corona.

Almost all G2C Services that are selected by the World Datanomic Forums of the Cloud Nation are provided for no money.


Because we use Datanomics and not Economics as a mix of politics, economics and tech of the next generation. Welcome to our world.